Why Pawn?

Why pawn?

By Kara Blakeman

Did you know that pawn shops have been around for thousands of years? According to Pawn Shops Today, pawn transactions go back as far as 3000 years! There are records of loan transactions in ancient Chinese, Greek and Roman times. Crazy to think that pawning has been a method for extra cash for such a long time.

“Queen Isabella is reported to have pawned her royal jewels to finance Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the New World” –Pawnshops Today

Today, pawn shops are around to help with every day life. My dad actually started our shop based on an important time when he too needed the help of a pawn shop. When I was born, times were tough for my parents. New to the area, new job for my dad, not many friends and a new baby, the local shop was my dad’s source of quick cash to pay for diapers and formula. Being an avid gun collector, he knew they were great for collateral. Anytime my parents were short on cash, he would go to the local shop where he would get loans on his firearms so he could make ends meet until his next paycheck.

Pawn Shops typically get a bad rap. We strive to change that negative stigma – everyone gets down on their luck and needs an extra hand. My dad decided that someday, he too wanted to help others the way the local pawn shop had helped him 28 years ago. Banks don’t offer $20 loans. Pawn Shops do. Have a question about pawning? Comment below, send us an email or call the shop! We love what we do and love being able to help.

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